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Sun Light Years

ASun light year is a term that measures distance in space. This term hasthe word year which depicts time but the overall term depicts distance.We are acquainted and used to measuring distances in centimeters, meters or kilometers but in light years we measure the distance between planets and celestial bodies in the solar system. These distances are huge and the normal measuring system has a limit that cannot be exceededhence this came into being.


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Sun Light Years

Asun light year is close to 10 trillion kilometers and it is the distance traveled by light in a vacuum in a Julian year. Just as the year is divided into twelve months a light year is divided into twelve light months. Light travels at the speed of 300,000 kilometers per second which amounts to almost 10 trillion kilometers a year which is termed as a light year.

Sunlight emitted by the Sun

Sunlightreaches earth in close to 8 and a half minutes which depicts that the sun is 8 and a half light minutes away from us. If the sun was to explode then it would take us about 8 minutes to know about the explosion.

Age of the Sun

Theother benefit of light years is that it determines the age of a star. If a star is a million light years away from us then we can conclude that the light we are seeing from the star was a million years old and not of the present date because it took the light a million years to reach us.

Conclusion for the light years of Sun

Thusthe main aim of using sun light years to measure distances those are too huge like the distances between galaxies, stars, planets and other such celestial bodies. It also determines age of a star.

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