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The Internet has given rise to a global community. However, thelanguage of this community is still varied. Online language translationhelps to overcome this shortcoming. Language Weaver is the leader in online translation, automated language translation, and compelling translation quality for effective communications. Many business operations powered by Language Weaver’s online language translator have experienced compelling improvements in operational effectiveness.


Translation - Translation is the comprehension of the meaning of a text and the subsequent production of an equivalent text, likewise called a 'translation,' that communicates the same message in another language. The text to be translated is called the source text, and the language that it is to be.. 


The Translator - The Translator is Sudanese writer Leila Aboulela's first novel, published in 1999. The Translator is a story about a young Sudanese widow living in Scotland and her sprouting relationship with Islamic scholar Rae Isles...

Translations - Translations is a three-act play by Irish playwright Brian Friel written in 1980. It is set in Baile Beag (Ballybeg), a small village at the heart of 19th century agricultural Ireland. Friel has said that Translations is 'a play about language and only about language', but it deals with.. 


Online Translation – The Language Weaver Advantage

LanguageWeaver’s vision is to accelerate human communication, removing languageas a barrier for digital content. The company serves digital industriesand enterprise customers directly and through strategic partnerships, with solutions that are proven to translate high-value, dynamic, digitalinformation into a significant business advantage. Business operations powered by Language Weaver solutions experience compelling improvements in operating effectiveness

Benefits of Language Weaver’s online language translation:

Language Weaver’s translation technology is the result of more than 300 person-years of invention and development

  • Thesetechnologies were initially developed for use in government and are nowoffered as powerful, flexible commercial solutions.
  • Perform multilingual translation & foreign language translation at better speed and accuracy
  • Translate high-volume web pages, emails, and other document types via flexible workflows
  • Control content and global management systems effortlessly

Gainfrom a range of reliable, statistically based online translator technology designed to meet every translation demand requiring high speed and accuracy. Choose the product that best meets your needs.