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Positive Reinforcement Examples

Many of us may be settled after your studies and might be placed in good jobs. So it might be so easy to tell you what reinforcement defined to as. 

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This is a common word in the offices or companies in the private sector.Reinforcement is a term defined to be used in the behavior analysis and also in conditioning in order to increase the rate of the probability of behavior by the delivery of a output shortly after the behavior, this response should be developed. 

 Types of reinforcementsTwo types of reinforcementsPositive andNegative reinforcementsPositive reinforcement is done when you appreciate and encourage a good behavior. Negative reinforcement is done when you discourage or denying a person from not doing an unwanted act.positive reinforcement examplesPositive reinforcement exampleRon is the manager of a small firm. A few workers are under his supervision also. 

Every worker in his firm is working hard and he is really happy about that. Each worker in the firm has a particular duty assigned and they are supposed to do it in time. The work are of little bit tough and also need to have much care to successfully completing. So he has a habit of appreciating those workers and also adding a particular amount in their monthly income for that particular day as an incentive. 

This gives the workers an encouragement to work hard.Neil is a builder with very much reputation, but he was really fed up of hearing the accusations from various people and environmentalists that his firm’s works are harmful the environment and its violating the norms for eco-friendly buildings because of the accumulation of huge heaps of crude wastes. So he implemented a new plan. He built a huge incinerator to which his workers are supposed to carry the wastes and they will not be pressed into doing that. 

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But for those who reach the dump yard with the waste will be providing a gift coupon and attractive gifts will be given by Neil him selves at his office. He also praises that employee in front of others. This will be a encouragement for others too.