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ErrorDimensional AnalysisVector Analysis and Projectile MotionFrictionCircular MotionCentre of MassRotational Motion of a Rigid BodyUniversal Gravitation , 

Motion of Satellites : Escape VelocitySimple Harmonic MotionOscillations or Vibrations

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 UNIT B' : GENERAL PROPERTIES OF MATTER IN BULK STATEKinetic Theory of GasesKinetic Model of Liquids and SolidsElasticitySurface Tension 'Flow of LiquidsUNIT C: HEATThermometryThermodynamicsIsothermal and Adiabatic ProcessesThermal ConductionUNIT D" : LIGHTRefraction of Light at Spherical 

SurfacesPrismChromatic Aberration and Spherical AberrationTelescopes and MicroscopesPhotometryUNIT'E': WAVE MOTIONMechanical WavesProgressive WavesNature of LightInterferenceDiffractionBeatsStationary wavesVibrations of streched strings Sonometer and tuning forkCharacteristics of musical soundPolarisation of lightDoppler effect

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