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Liquid Displacement

What is liquid displacementWhen a body is immersed in a liquid, the body enters into the liquid wholly or partly by pushing up some quantity of the liquid. 

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This pushing up of the liquid is called the liquid displacement. The amount of liquid replaced is related to the volume of the body.This concept has an interesting back ground.Quantity of liquid displacementHundreds of years ago, the great scientist of Greece was given a task by the king of that country to find the whether his crown was made out of genuine material. Archimedes had no clue to find the volume of the crown as it was an odd shape. 


But the next day when he noticed that water was spilling out of the bath tub when he got into that, an idea stuck in his mind. With further experiments he discovered that when a body is immersed in liquid, the volume of liquid displacement is exactly equal to the volume of the body.liquid displacementLook at the above diagram which describes a body floating on a liquid. In the process the level of the liquid rises due to displacement of the liquid. 

The volume of liquid displacement is equal to the volume of the body.Concept from liquid displacement:Refer to the same diagram. The body is trying to go into the liquid completely because of gravity. That force is shown as m. The volume of liquid displacement opposes this action with un upward force b, called as the force of buoyancy.The force b equals the weight of the volume of liquid displacement. Therefore, a body sinks in the liquid, if m>b and floats if m < bThe other conclusion in liquid displacement is, if the density of the body is less than the density of the liquid the body floats and if it is vice versa, the body sinks.

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