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Ggravity Field Equation

Let us learn about gravity field equation. Every body of the universe can attract every other body. Any other particle can be experienced by the gravitational force due to this body in a region around a body is said to be gravitational field. A force field created massive bodies;

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it can attract other massive bodies. A gravitational acceleration of a particle with mass m can be experienced by a gravitational force F.Gravity Field StrengthLet us learn about gravity field strength. A gravitational force per unit mass, when an infinitesimal mass can be placed at that point is said to be gravitational field strength at any point in a gravitational field. 

 An infinitesimal very small mass m experiences a gravitational force F at a point, then gravitational field strength at that point.The equation of gravity field strength is,`f_(g)` = `(F)/(m)`The original gravitational field cannot change due to presence of the mass. The unit of gravitational field strength is Newton/kg and its dimensions are [LT- -2]. The vector quantity of a direction is along the direction of gravitational force. 

 A body at the value of infinity defined to be a zero gravitational potential. A body can be falls down to the lowest state of potential energy, so that the equation for potential such that as r decreases, the potential value decreases. Including a negative sign in the equation then r decreases and v decreases.The gravity field strength isV = - `(GM)/(r)` 

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 Gravity Field Strength Due to a Point Mass EquationDetermining the Gravity Field Equation:A particle of mass m can produce a gravitational field. P is said to be a point at which the distance r from the point mass M. Assuming a very small mass m can be placed at the point P. The gravitational force on a mass m due to point mass M.F = `(GMm)/(r^(2))` , towards mass M.The Gravitational Field Strength at P`f_(g)` = `(F)/(m)` = `((GMm)/r^(2))/(m)`, towards mass M.`f_(g)` = `(GM)/(r^(2))` , toward mass M.`f_(g)` = - `(GM)/(r^(2))`This is the Gravity field equation.