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Digital Signal Definition

Let us see the introduction about digital signal definition. The discrete wave is used in the digital signal. There are two states in thedigital signal definition. The first state is on. The second state is off. These states contains the discrete otherwise discontinuous. The continuous wave is the analog signal.

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             The digital signal is generally recognized by the telephone companies. We discuss about the definition of digital signal.  

Definition of the digital signal.

              The electrical engineering previously used the digital signal. The digital signal is received by a wire otherwise telephone networks otherwise maybe radio wave networks. The remote-sensing satellite is commonly representing the digital signal stream.
             The name digital is derived from digit. The meaning of the digit is generally the number. A stream of numbers has a digital signal regularlybut it is not essentially in the binary form. The numerical calculations are specifying the digital signal.
Explanation of the digital signal
             In a lot of cases, the signals of interest are originally in the form of an electrical voltage otherwise current, created for the example of microphone.
            Ina number of situations, like this the production from the readout structure of a CD player, the information is previously in digital type.The expansion of the CD player is compact disc player.
             The digital signal processing procedure is mainly used in the conversion of the analog signal to digital signal. The ADC converter canbe used in the electronic circuit for the digital signals. The expansion of the ADC is analog to digital converter.

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Application of the digital signal definition

            The digital signal definition technology is used in the devices like mobile phones, telephone lines and multimedia processor.
           The compression is a main application of the digital signals.

  1.            The decompression is another most important application of the digital signals.