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Solar Energy Information

The sun is the source of all energy. The sun provides us heat and light energy free of cost! The energy obtained from the sunis called solar energy. 

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The nuclear fusion reactions taking place inside the sun keep on liberating enormous amount of heatand light energy. this heat and light energy is radiated by the sun in all directions in space in the form of solar energy.Since the sun is very, very far away, so the earth and other planets receive only a very. very small fraction of this solarenergy. 

The energy coming from the sun contains heat rays (called infrared rays), visible light, ultraviolet rays and somegamma rays. So, at the top of the atmosphere (or at the periphery of the atmosphere), the solar energy consists of heat rays(infra-red rays), visible light, ultraviolet rays, and gamma rays, in different proportions (gamma rays are electromagneticrays having wavelength even shorter than ultra violet rays). 

Information on Amount of Solar Energy UsedA little less than half (about 47 percent) of solar energy which falls on periphery (top surface) of the atmosphere actuallyreaches the surface of the Earth (rest of the solar energy is reflected back into the space by atmosphere).The atmospherealso absorbs a lot of solar energyas it comes down through it toward the surface of the earth. 

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For Example, most of theultraviolet rays present in the solar energy are absorbed and eliminated by the atmosphere. So, the solar energy whichreaches us on the earth's surface is mostly in the form of heat rays (infrared rays) and visible light ( and very littleultraviolet rays).Uses of Solar Energy(information)The soalr energy which reaches the earth is absorbed by land and water bodies (like rivers, lakes and oceans), and plants.The solar energy trapped by land and water bodies causes many phenomana in nature like winds, storms, rain, snowfall, and seawaves etc. And the plants utilise solar energy to prepare food by the process of photosynthesis.