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Simple power supply circuit

Simple power supply circuit is used in power amplifier and any other op-amp application or small current requirement.It maintains a stable and regulated voltage position. 

  Power supply circuit

image on simple power supply circuit 

I like to share this Electrical Circuit  with you all through my article.

Simple power supply circuitPower Supply CircuitAlways begin with a very simple circuit and add on components later, if a more complex circuit is needed.Use easy to get, basic components, transformer. 

 Improper connections in circuit, can damage components. To reduce component damage, experiment first with dry-cell battery power sources and later go on to regular power supply.Use resistors between 1 kΩ and 100 kΩ. To avoid transistor damage and measurement errors.Before starting circuit construction, measure and record all component values.Make a schematic diagram of the circuit.Build the circuit on a board or any other non-electric conducting medium.Check each wire to its connection in the circuit and verify each one of them on the diagram for accuracy.Measure and solve all voltage and current values.Re-check the circuit and recalculate the current values.Tools to Build a Simple Power Supply CircuitPiece of boardFour diodesLM regulator .

My forthcoming post is on Circuit Analysis and Short Circuit will give you more understanding about Physics.

 Transformer of output of 14v - 35v AC with current output between 100mA to 1A.1uF capacitorTwo 100nF capacitors1000uF to 4700uF capacitorWiresSoldering ironWire cuttersWire strippersHot glueConclusion to Simple Power Supply CircuitStable +5V output voltage, output current of 100 mASimple and easy circuit.Circuit performance: Very stable +5V output voltage, reliable operationEasily available components.Design can be implemented for various other electronics projects.DC 8-18V Power supply voltage.+ 5 mA needed power supply current.With this circuit of simple power supply, voltage of 12V, 15V and 30V model can be made.High voltage circuits can be made by adding on connections to this simple circuit.Base equipment like a diode, capacitor and resistors are used.