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Radio Waves Wavelength and frequency

To begin with the radio waves, its wavelength and frequency, we must know that Radio waves are a kind of the electromagnetic waves and they are moving with the same velocity as the electromagnetic waves i.e. the velocity of light i.e.`c = 3 xx 10^8 ms^-1

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The electromagnetic radio frequency waves containing intelligence i.e. the audio signals are launched from the transmitting antenna. Similar to the electromagnetic waves, these waves also carry oscillating electric and magnetic fields which are mutually perpendicular to the direction of the wave propagation. 

Position of the radio waves in the electromagnetic wave spectrum.Wavelength and Frequency of Radio WavesWavelength of radio waves:The wavelength of the radio waves lies in the range of the 10 m to the 104 m i.e. the wavelength of radio waves are 10 m to 10 km thus the radio waves are used in the audio and video propagation through the atmosphere. 

Frequency of the Radio Waves:The frequency of the radio waves lies in the range of the 3 x 107 Hz to 3 x 104 Hz, thus the radio waves are mostly used in the Radio and T.V. transmissions. In other words the frequency range of the radio waves are described as the radio waves are those waves whose frequency ranges from few kilo hertz to about a few hundred mega hertz. The various frequency ranges used in radio waves communication system are:Medium frequency band (M.F.) 300 to 3000 kHz.High frequency band (H.F.) 3 to 30 MHz.Very high frequency band (V.H.F.) 30 to 300 MHz.Ultra high frequency band (U.H.F.) 300 to 3000 MHz. 

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Super high frequency band (S.H.F.) 3000 to 30,000 MHz. radio waves  Radio waveImage on frequency of radio wavesImage on frequency of radio wavesConclusion for the Wavelength and Frequency of Radio WavesWe can thus conclude that, these waves do not require a material medium for their propagation and travel best in free space or in vacuum. But the radio waves starting from the transmitter antenna reach the receiver antenna through atmosphere whose density varies with the altitude. Therefore the waves are disturbed by the surrounding atmosphere like the weather as rain and snow. We have also seen its wavelength and frequency patterns.