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Radiation Safety

Types of radiation that people can see or feel are Heat and Light. There are other kinds of radiation also which the human senses cannot detect. This type of radiation are from the sky, food, drink and ground. Today about 17 percent of world’s electricity is by NPP i.e, Nuclear Power plants. 

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These type of ionizing radiation has many uses like doctors use X rays to diagnose injury or some disease, in factories they uses radiation to check welding, gamma rays are used in medical equipment for the safe use. These are the things which need to be know about radiation and we will study about the radiation safety in this article. 

Types of RadiationThere are five types of Radiation:Alpha rays - these are positively charged particles.Beta rays - these are electrons and have greater power than Alpha.Gamma rays - these are electronic magnetic radiations similar to radio and light waves. 

X rays - these are same as the gamma rays.Neutrons- these don’t have charge.radiation safetyBasic Safety Standards of RadiationThese are the Basic safety Standards of Radiation:This BSS set out brief requirements for practices to protect patients, workers from radiation exposure. These BSS are trying to give safety of sources, for prevention of accidents, and so on.Organizational requirement: 

Along with this BSS governments provide certain essential services for radiation protection. In addition to regulations and legislation the essential elements are:Public information, Education and Training: Here there must be good means of informing the public and information from the media about the safety and health concerns.Regular authority: these are to enforce regulations and legislation.Management requirement: for the radiation safety the BSS promotes the development of, safety culture, quality Assurances program, Control of human factors, Qualified experts. 

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 Technical requirements: it promotes implementation and technical planning through the, Good engineering practice, defence in depth, verification of safety.Transport: some rules are made from the IAEA for the safe transport and for the controlling the radiation.