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Properties of Probability and Uncertainty in Events

Measurement of probability or uncertainty of any variable called entrpy. It means happening or not happening of any event measure in entropy and it is measure with the help of bits and nats these are Units of Entropy.

Entropy shows quantitative measurement and also contained information. For example political polls generally we can’t know result of political polls or it is unpredictable because of large entrpy but if it held again we can predict certainty of polls and result. It may be small entrpy. First poll may be give new and more information but second poll can’t give new information. Same example of Coin toss Probability of head and tail is always same because of two options but if there is more than one option it may be little difficult to predict. Coin have two parts it outcome may be head or may be tail. If we have more choices of predication then we called Maximum Entropy. 

 After the above examples Definition of Entropy, measurement of occurrence or happening of event depends upon certainty of outcomes and it is more unpredictable. Explain toss of truck of bricks, so the probability of broken bricks is more than normal bricks so we can say that in entrpy disorder of variable is more than order. Entrpy also explained by thermodynamics laws and also with Entropy Equation but lots of people says that it is more difficult to understand because of practical thing and lots of people say it is unpredictable way and lots of reasons.

There is an one more function in entrpy that is change in entrpy means changes in state of water into ice and vapor, Changes of atom into other form and changes of gases into other gases or metal or in other substance and also knows about their happening of transmission is possible or happening of event. There is more example of Change in Entropy that is if molecule broke then it will divide in two more molecule or it create two more molecule, increase quantity of molecule in gas and changes in chemical reaction from one form two another all are the example of changes in entrpy. 

I am planning to write more post on Formula for Entropy and formula for combined gas law. Keep checking my blog.

 The best part of this topic it includes science as well as mathematics because happening of event in quantitative with the help of gases, molecules and substances and also their happening is possible or not. It is a probability of change in entrpy.