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Nuclear Fission Images

In 1939, German scientists Otto Hahn and F.Strassman discovered what happens when uranium is bombarded with a neutron, it breaks up into two fragments of comparable masses with the release of energy.The process of breaking up of the nucleus of a heavier atom into two fragments with the release of large amount of energy is called nuclear fission. The fission is accompanied by the release of neutrons. The fission reactions with 92U235 are represented as92U235 + 0n1 `rarr` 56Ba141 + 36Kr92 + 3 0n1 + Q -------------> (1)92U235 + 0n1 `rarr` 54Xe140 + 38Sr94 + 2 0n1 +Q ---------------> (2)In the above examples the fission reaction is taking place with the release of 3 neutrons and 2 neutrons. On an average 2.5 neutrons are actually released per fission. Of the many possible fission reactions of 92U235 , the reaction given in (1) is the most favourable. 



 Nuclear fission imagesRepeated nuclear fission giving rise to chain reaction images:chain reaction of nuclear fissionNuclear Fission Images :A general nuclear fission image showing what happens when a neutron is bombarded on the object nucleus: 



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Nuclear fission images of uranium is shown below:Uranium nuclear fissionNuclear Fission Images - Electricity Production Using Nuclear EnergyNeutrons are bombarded on an atom resulting in the splitting of the atom in the process of nuclear fission The above process causes release of energy with the splitting up of the parent nuclei.The heat energy that is produced causes the neutrons to gain kinetic energy and they collide with the neighbouring nuclei and the chain reaction begins. The balance energy is used for generating electricity.Uranium is highly unstable so it is highly preferred. Uranium nucleus splits easily by a supply of few neutrons and the chain reaction begins.Nuclear fission and electricity production