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Microwave Frequency Range

Microwaves are the very important and applicative part of the electromagnetic spectrum. After the experimental discovery of electromagnetic waves by hertz, many other electromagnetic waves were discovered by different ways of excitation. The methodical division of electromagnetic radiation as per their frequency, wavelength is known to be the electromagnetic spectrum. 

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Here we discuss the important waves of the electromagnetic spectrum named as microwaves. We study about the frequency, wavelength and uses of the electromagnetic radiations.Frequency Spectrum of MicrowavesThe electromagnetic spectrum has much wider succession with wavelength variation as 10 -14m to 600m. The whole electromagnetic spectrum has been classified into different parts and supports in order of increasing frequency, or wavelength and according to the nature of excitation. It can be observed that the physical properties of electromagnetic waves are determined by its wavelength or frequency and not by the method of their excitation. 

Microwaves are the electromagnetic waves of frequency range 1 GHz to 300GHz. They are produced by special vacuum tuber, normally klystrons, magnetrons and Gunn diodes etc.We can use the microwave in Radar systems for the navigation of crafts. It is used in detecting the speed of tennis ball, cricket ball, and automobile while in motion. They are used for cooking purposes in microwaves ovens. Microwaves are used for observing the movement of train on rails while sitting in microwave operated control room.Image of the microwave frequency rangeConclusion to the Frequency Range of MicrowaveThe basic use of the microwaves in over daily life in the microwave ovens. 

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The radiation frequency may much the resonant frequency of rotation of water molecules, which is about 3 GHz. IN this case, energy from the waves is transferred efficiently to the kinetic energy of molecules. When the microwaves of this frequency fall on food items placed in oven, the water molecules absorb these radiations so that the energy is increased. So that the entire food gets heated. Microwaves are used in the radio astronomy. By the use of the RADAR, we can determine the distances between the very far objects such as sun and moon, sun and Neptune, etc.