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Magnetic properties are seen in many bodies. Earth also has its own magnetic field. earth magnetic fields are originated from the electric current in the core of the earth which circulates. As we know that magnetic field is generated from the electric current, so is generated from the core of earth. 

The magnitude of earth’s magnetic field varies from 0.3 to 0.6 gauss on the surface. Magnetic field axis of earth is tilted at approximately 11 degrees with its rotational axis. Earth’s magnetic field is not a constant as it varies with time. This is due to changes in the molten iron present in outer core of earth. The geographic south and north poles are magnetic north and south pole of earth respectively. 

Thus earth’s magnetic field lines emerge out of geographic south and goes into north. The magnetic field intensity is maximum at the poles and minimum at the equator. Importance magnetic field of earth is that it protects earth by the solar wind which is a stream of highly energetic charged particles (that could harm ozone layer badly) coming out of sun. Magnetic field deflects these particles. 

These charge particles have destroyed the atmosphere of mars by complete lost of CO2 presented in its atmosphere. Magnetic flux is described as the amount of magnetic lines passing through a given surface area. magnetic flx will be maximum if surface area is perpendicular to the field lines while it is minimum if field lines are parallel to the surface. If they are at some angle then we take the perpendicular component of either surface or magnetic field. magnetic flux lines include those imaginary magnetic lines of force only that passes through the surface area of a body. 

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These are maximum if flux is maximum as given in above conditions. Magnetic Flux Formula is as follows:φ=B.S(cos Ө)Ө is angle b/w magnetic field (B) and normal to surface area A.Units for Magnetic Flux : weber.Magnetic Generator Free Energy is generated by a magnetic generator which is mostly used to generated electrical energy for our home use that can reduce cost in electric bills. Magnetic generator works by movement of magnetic flow for generating electricity. It is first needed to be geared by some external agent that could start it like motor for some period of time. The motor is given high rotational speed. This high rotational speed charges the generator which establishes energy flow in it. After this, motor is stopped. Now generator generates its own electricity which is used in our home.