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Magnetism Animation

Magnetism is a force of attraction or repulsion due to a magnetic field. This magnetic field is produced by inherently magnetic material or can be caused by electrically magnetizing material by charging them. 


Magnetism Animation 

A material which exhibits magnetism is called a magnet. Magnets have two poles on either ends, called the north (N) and south (S) poles.Magnetic Field Animation - Magnetic Force 


A magnetic field is the area around the magnet where magnetic force exists. It is represented by imaginary lines moving towards the south pole of the magnet from the north pole of the magnet as indicated in the diagram below. Magnetic force is the force exerted by the magnet on the object within its magnetic field. 


The magnetic force is the highest closer to the magnet and reduces as the object is moved away from the magnet. This force is called magnetism.magnetic field around a magnetMagnetic field around a magnet 1Magnetic Poles AnimationA magnet aligns itself approximately along the north and south poles of the earth. Thus the north seeking pole of the magnet is called the north magnetic pole and the south seeking pole of the magnet is called the south magnetic pole. 

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Magnetic Attraction and Magnetic RepulsionWhen two magnets or magnetized objects are placed close to each other, the unlike poles of the magnets, that is north pole of first magnet and the south pole of the second magnet attracts each other. Similarly the north poles of the magnets are pushed away from each other due to repulsive force between the like poles.n s pole attractionN-pole and S-Pole force of attraction 1NN pole repulsion Repulsion between N-N poles 1Magnetism Animation Application AreasMagnets are used in Magnetic compass, burglar alarms, MRI equipment, toys, refrigerator doors, Loudspeakers, Electric Bells, 

Microphones and car horns, railway tracks and many more devices. Electromagnets are used in transformers that have unlimited real life application.Magnetism is a very special force that has several applications. Most important magnet of all magnets, the Earth itself is functioning the way it is today due to magnetism. Magnetism has a lot to offer and is an interesting subject to delve into.