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Horse Power Equation

Power is defined as the rate of energy converted or work done per unit time.Horsepower is a unit of power that has nothing to do with horses, other than the fact that it has an etymological and historical origin in comparison of power of machine with the muscle power of horses. It was first used for a steam engine power output measurement in comparison with the power provided by draft horses. 

 Horsepower is not an internationally accepted SI unit. In fact there are many units by the name of horsepower used to measure the power output of different types . and Horse power equation is the equation to calculate that power of corresponding typeJames Watt and his contemporaries calculated the value of one horsepower. 

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He actually estimated the number of mill wheel rotations that a horse could make in one hour and by making an estimate of the force applied by a horse, he came up with a number for horsepower.The standard unit of power was named after Watt. Horsepower was important as a unit of power in those days, as a marketing tool, as it was an age of transition when horsepower was being replaced by machine power. 

 Horse power equation :-If any person want to calculate horsepower, then all he need to know is the appropriate horsepower conversion equation. Here are the main horsepower equation for referenceElectrical Horsepower equation :-Electric horse power is the unit that is used to measure the input and out put of many electrical appliances like electric motors. Here is the Horse power equation for electrical horse power.1 Electrical Horsepower = 746 Watts 

Mechanical Horse Power equation :-The mechanical horse power as a unit is used to quantify mechanical power of any kind Here is the Horse power equation for mechanical horsepower.1 Mechanical Horsepower = 745.699872 Watts = 550 Horse Power equation :-Metric horsepower is a unit of power. The powers of car engines of some of cars is often quoted in metric horse power. Here is the metric horsepower equation1 Metric Horsepower = 735.49875 WattsBoiler 

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Horse Power equation :-Boiler horse power (BHP) is a power unit used for measuring the power output of boilers, widely used in the past. The boiler horsepower equation is as follows.1 Boiler Horsepower = 9,809.5 WattsHydraulic Horse Power equation :-One more unit used for power measurement used in hydraulics is hydraulic horsepower. The hydraulic horsepower equationis as follows.1 Hydraulic Horsepower = 745.699872 WattsNominal horsepowerNominal horsepower (nhp) is an early Nineteenth Century rule of thumb used to estimate the power of steam engines.the Horse power equation is as followsnhp = 7 x area of piston x equivalent piston speed/33,000