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Heat Insulation Materials

Heat insulation is also known as thermal insulation. The materials which are used to reduce the flow of heat from one place to another are known as thermal insulators. Heat can be transferred from one place to another in the following ways. 

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 Conduction: This the process in which heat transfers takes place between neighbouring molecules of any matter.Convection: In this process, heat transfer takes place by movement of molecules carrying the energy. It takes place in fluids.Radiation: In this process, heat transfer takes place by transfer of energetic particles and waves in a medium.InsulatorWhen we apply insulation to any body, then the body is either not able to dissipate heat to its surrounding or it is not able to gain heat from any another body.  

So when we are using the thermal insulation then a body can be kept at the same temperature as the insulation does not allow any extra heat to come in and also prevents any heat loss to surrounding or any other body.Applications of Insulators:Thermal insulation plays an important role in production of clothes which can keep the temperature as per the requirement. When Clothes are made by applying proper thermal insulation then the outer heat is not able to enter inside the clothes. 

This helps to keep the normal temperature inside the body which is very helpful in cold as well as hot seasons.Insulation materialsIn the buildings insulation is needed to keep the temperature cool inside the buildings. In the summer seasons the temperature increases inside the buildings so to make the temperature as per the requirement. If proper insulation is not done then so many other resources like AC, cooler etc are needed which consume power.

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So if we use proper insulation then huge amount of energy can be saved. Inside the building different types of insulation is done.Window insulation: In this case window is insulated by using some materials, which prevents the heat from getting inside.Pipe Insulation:This insulation helps to maintain the temperature of the fluid which flows through the pipe.