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Gravity Gravitation

The expressions gravity also gravitation is frequently used to clarify the similar object, except here be a specific distinction among the two. Gravitation is the gorgeous force offered among either two objects to contain mass. Forces of gravitation drag things together. Gravity is the gravitational force to take place in the earth as well as other bodies. Gravity is the force of attraction by which earth attacks a body towards its centre. 


Given that gravitational force is the occurrence toward every object within the earth, as of the biggest galaxies along toward the least particle, it is frequently call common gravitation. 

On the basis of conclusion drawn from kepler’s laws and observations of motion of planets, Newton in 1686 gave a universal law of force acting between any two particles of matter; which may be stated as “Every two material particles of universe attract each other and this force of attraction is directly proportional to the product of masses of particles and inversely proportional to the square of distance between them”. 

The value of this force does not depend upon the medium between the masses.Newton’s law of gravitation F="GmM" / r2F - Force among two massesm and M are the two massesR - Distance among the middle of massesG - Universal constant of gravitationGravity 

Gravity specifies gravitational force to happen among the earth also other bodies.Gravity is the force performs for pulling things towards the earth.The force of attraction among two bodies is called gravitational force. If one of the bodies is earth, then this force of gravitation is called ‘gravity’ that is , gravity is the force of attraction by which earth attacks a body towards its centre. A ball unconfined as of the roof also the fruit separated as of a tree fall lying on the surface of earth owing to gravity.Gravity is the force to embrace us lying on the earth also causes things toward descend reverse toward the earth subsequent to individual thrown within the air.The force embrace things toward the earth’s float up depend not just scheduled the Earth's gravitational ground although in addition on extra thing, for example the Earth's rotation.Earth’s gravitational drag expands not in keen on space during every direction. The additional you go away as of the midpoint of the Earth.