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Fluid Mechanics Equations

In fluid mechanics, it is assumed that the fluid obeys:Conservation of mass;Conservation of energy;Conservation of momentum;The various equations are defined as:1. Navier–Stokes equations:where;? = fluid density;v = velocity vector;g = body force vector; p = tensor which represents the surface force applied on the fluid.2. Newtonian Fluids:t = shear stress exerted by fluid;µ = viscosity of fluid; 

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The differential of velocity is the velocity gradient which is proportional to the direction of the sheer.Fluid Dynamics EquationsFluid dynamics is the branch of science that deals with fluids in motion. Here matter in any state namely gas or liquid is considered as “fluid”. Problems of fluid dynamics include velocity, density, temperature and many other variables. As in case of other branches of physics, fluid dynamics is also governed by law of conservation.

According to the law of conservation energy, mass and momentum of a closed system are always maintained at a constant level. They can be neither created nor destroyed. Although they may change their forms, say for example potential energy of water stored in a dam converted into kinetic energy upon opening of valves. Fluid dynamics also follows continuum hypothesis. According to their hypothesis, fluids are composed of minute, discrete and continuous particles. Properties of these particles vary throughout the fluid. 

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Fluid dynamics formulas include the continuity equation, the Cauchy equation and the energy conservation equation. Bernoulli Equation CalculatorBernoulli equation is applied on a laminar and compressible fluid under constant motion. The fluid should be barotropic. Bernoulli equation for such fluid is where g = gravity acceleration constant,V = the velocity of fluid z = height above an arbitrary datumC is constant for a particular streamline in the flow and varies from one streamline to other. P = pressure per density in the fluidThe Bernoulli equation for an incompressible fluid isIntroduction to Fluid MechanicsFluid mechanics is the branch of science that deals with various properties of fluids as a function of space and time. 

It is concerned with their pressure, temperature, velocity etc. Fluid mechanics can be classified as fluid statics and fluid dynamics. Fluid statics deals with various properties of fluids at rest (that are not in motion). Fluid dynamics is concerned with fluids at motion. Fluid Dynamics FormulasThe continuity equation is The Cauchy equation is