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Density is measurement of amount of object present in a particular space. It is defined as mass of a matter present per unit volume. Hence density measures how tightly the matter is packed. Density concept is used to show the reactions that occur when two different material are put together. 

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For example any object that has density lower than that of water will float on it. That is the reason why wood floats on water while hammer sinks. Here wood has lower density than that of water while hammer is higher one than that of water. ImpulseImpulse is change in momentum of a moving object due to any unbalanced external force. Suppose a basketball player hits the basketball. 

The ball is said to be in momentum. As we know that any object that is hard to stop is said to gained momentum. If we want to stop that ball, we need to apply external force against its momentum. Hence the force accelerates the ball by slowing it down or by stopping it. Here acceleration is change in velocity, it may be either speeding up the moving object or slowing it down. Now according to Newton’s second law of motion F="ma"If we put the value of “a” which is “a=??v/t”, we get: F="m" * ??v/tOrF* t="m" * ??vAs we know that product of average force and time is known as impulse, the left value in equation shows impulse. 

On the other hand, product of mass and change in velocity is known as change in momentum. Therefore, impulse is change in momentum of an object. Density FormulaSince density is defined as mass of a matter per unit volume, its formula is given as following: Density="mass/" volumeDensity is expressed by Greek letter “?” which is read as “rho”. Density formula for an ideal gas can be derived from gas equation. 

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According to gas equation PV="nRT"Hence V="nRT/P"If we replace “V” in density formula by its value in above equation, then we get Density="MP/nRT"Here M="mass" P="Pressure" R="Universal" gar constant T="temperature."HydrometerDevice that is used to compare density of different liquids is known as hydrometer. Formula for DensityDensity formula is expressed as following: Density="mass/" volumeOr?=m/vHere ?=density m="mass" v="volume"Density EquationDensity is measurement of mass of matter or object in unit volume. The density equation is expressed as following:?=m/v